How To Use Coconut Oil For Toenail Fungus Treatment

Toenail fungus is a condition of toes when they start to smell foul and turn yellow. It is caused due to bacterial fungus formation under the toes and causes embarrassment to the sufferer. Toenail fungus causes nails to start wearing off from the ends and ultimately can be a reason for pain in the toes too.

Toenail fungus treatment
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This condition of toes can be caused due to the large and unchecked exposure of toe nails in the moisture and dirt which leads to the growth of fungus and resulting in the toenail fungus formation. Initially, it grows with a mild yellow color formation on the toe nails which may also be accompanied by bad odor and pain. If this condition is not checked then due to the rapid growth of fungus, the color will change to dark yellow and bad condition of nails, and in a certain condition, there may be an inability to move your feet due to the excess pain which may be caused due to this.

Coconut oil for toenail fungus treatment:

There are several methods for correction and prevention of this condition to the nails. The best time to start caring for your nails is at the beginning of this fungus formation. Action at the starting will reduce a lot of your future efforts. So, as soon as you notice deposition of dirt and nails turning yellow, you may start with one of these methods described in here to stop and prevent your nails from any fungal formation. There are many home remedies for treatment which include oils from some leaf and flower extracts and some diets. These are trusted for years, and the one remedy among these, which has been adopted as a great anti-fungal remedy is the coconut oil. It has many versatile properties, and one use includes in the treatment of fungal removal of toenails. So, bear with me so that I can take you to this ride to know the real magic behind this treatment by coconut oil.

Learn how you can apply coconut oil over your toenails effectively:

Applying coconut oil over the toenails may seem very easy, but there are certain precautions which must be followed to get the required results in a limited range of time. So, make sure to follow these steps and suggestions.

  • Thoroughly clean your feet and make sure to make them completely dry so that no moisture content may be available over the surface of nails.
  • Warm the coconut oil to a minor temperature in the oven or by your hands. Make sure that if the coconut oil was solidified, then it must be in the liquid state after warming.
  • Apply the coconut oil to the skin and the toenail area and gently massage it.
  • To increase the effect of coconut oil, you may add tea tree oil with it and then apply it.

Treating toenail fungus infection by consumption of coconut oil

Coconut oil has long been used as a consumable entity which has many health benefits, and it is known to treat any kind of infections that may be already present and also infringes the growth of any future infection. Coconut oil is extracted from coconut milk which is obtained directly from the coconut fruit and contains many important fatty acids which have very important properties.

How effective is coconut oil for toenail fungus
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But consumption of coconut alone may not be that effective, but you may continue applying coconut directly over the toenails and skins and consuming it to double up the effect so that the infection can be treated quickly. Coconut oil is used from centuries as a multi-purpose defense against many types of infections, thus ingesting coconut directly in your diet will protect you from all other kinds of infections acting as your body’s natural defense mechanism.

Additions that enhance the effect of Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is a very good additive and thus can be mixed with many other natural treatment methods and ingredients to enhance the effectiveness of coconut oil. While you employ other methods of treatment except for natural agents, then you will not have this benefit. With creating a mixture, you may target multiple problems in a single application and thus make the treatment very effective. So, let us take a look at all the additives that can be used to form a treating mixture with coconut oil:

  • Epsom salt is a very good healing agent, and due to this reason, it is used in the foot spa and bathing. Epsom salt is added with essential oils or coconut oil and left some time to dissolve, then is used for regular bathing and foot spa and due to its great healing property it accelerates the effect of coconut oil and helps to treat toenail fungus faster.
  • Tea tree oil is also used as an extension to the coconut oil massage over the toenails. Simply put a few drops of tea tree oil over the affected area where coconut oil is already applied. It is a very popular and most recommended method to treat toenail fungal infection.
  • All the essential oils have some great bacteria fighting property and thus if you add these with the coconut oil while applying over the toenails and skins, then it will improve the flow and circulation and make the area bacteria free and thus increasing the effectiveness of the coconut oil.

Addition of all of these additives will surely increase the effectiveness of using coconut oil alone, and thus you will be assured to see better results.

What quality is Coconut Oil is to be preferred?

Due to the increased popularity and applications, coconut oil is treated in many stages, and thus a large variety of coconut oil is available in the market, but not all of these can be very effectively used for the treatment of toenail fungal infection. In the available variants of coconut oil, only high-grade virgin coconut oil is effective for the treatment of fungal infection.

This High-Grade Unrefined Coconut Oil is not bleached and nor being treated for any deodorizing process which might strip it of its natural antioxidant properties. Due to the presence of these properties, high-grade virgin oils are best suited for this purpose of treatment of fungal infection.

Coconut oil which is unrefined is used immediately after the removal of husks from the toenails. Just make sure that your foot is completely dry and free of any moisture content.

Methods to keep the toenail fungus at bay:

Apart from treating your feet with the required treating agent, it is also very important to take good care of them. Treating and maintaining a proper hygiene of your feet will help in the quick treatment of infection and prevent it from germinating even in future. These are the simple hygiene standards that you must maintain:

• Make sure to keep your feet dry and hydrated every time. This will cut off one of the major contributors to the development of fungus on nails.

• Wear one pair of socks daily and make sure to wash them in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal washing agent so that they may prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria.

• If you get your feet wet due to any reason such as after long workout of due to heavy rain, you must remove your socks and first dry your feet and then put on a new pair of washed socks.

• Wear shoes which allow proper flow of air to the toes and fingers of your feet. This makes them stay hydrated and prevent the growth of any kind of fungus.

• You may avoid wearing shoes as far as possible because they block the flow of fresh air to the fingers and thus causing the growth of bacterial infection. So, it is recommended to wear sandals or slippers as far as possible. They allow the flow of fresh air and thus better than shoes.

• Applying anti-fungal powder on the feet is known to provide protection against fungus infection and thus slow down fungus growth so that it will help in the treatment of the coconut oil.

• If wearing shoes cannot be avoided, then make sure to clean them thoroughly and spay anti-fungal and anti-bacterial inside the shoes so that any development of these can be prevented and stopped.

Toenail infection is a fungal infection which may turn out to be critical if left treated for long, but you can treat this condition at your home without spending thousands of bucks for visiting a specialist such as dermatologists. This situation is perfectly treatable at home with the above methods mentioned. But apart from following the treatment instructions, you must also practice all the additional daily hygiene habits, which are the key aspects of any treatment. If not followed, no treatment will be effective to a certain extent.

Over to you

Toenail infection can only be treated with a serious level of dedication following all the hygiene habits with the treatment instructions.


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