Idol Lash Reviews 2018: Everything you need to know

The Breif Summary Of Idol Lash Reviews
Clinically Tested and Proven to work
An Increase in Density of Your Lashes
Free From Harmful Ingredients
Fragrance, paraben, and cruelty-free
Not available on Stores
Our Verdict
Overall, the Idol Eyelash Enhancer is very promising. clinical tests are quite consistent with its claims, and it offers a very wonderful result– thicker lashes in just a short period of time. It also comes in a very reasonable price. This product is highly recommended for women who want to have beautiful lashes.

This is a review of product “Idol Lash Eyelash enhancer”.


It’s every woman’s dream to have thick, long lashes that can make them even more beautiful and womanly. Thus, a lot are interested in trying eyelash enhancers with hopes that this can finally make their lashes fuller. Although there’s a number of eyelash enhancer available in the market, not all are capable of giving the results women want. Most gives false promises just to be able to sell their products. The Idol Eyelash Enhancer is different; it’s one of those cosmetic products that can give you positive effects. It has been in the market since 2002, and ever since, it has been one of the most popular cosmetic brands that a lot of women love. If you’re looking for an Idol Lash Review, you have landed at the right place. Below is the detailed review of Idol Lash eyelash enhancer.

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Is Idol Lash worth buying?

What Makes Idol Lash Different?

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, a lot of women want to look attractive, and their most common problem is being born with dull eyelashes. Our eyes are the first thing other people notice about us, and so, by having fuller eyelashes, this can instantly make any woman appear more appealing.

Mascara is a great solution for this, but it only provides temporary results. Then, there’s the eyelash extension, and ladies usually spend as much as $300 for this, but the results only last for two months– that’s if, she’s careful enough. Every touch up costs around $75, and that means, you’d be wasting a lot of cash to maintain those lashes.

This is what makes the Idol Eyelash Enhancer different. After using this product every night for 2-4 weeks, you’ll be able to notice a significant improvement with the length and thickness of your lashes. Furthermore, it’s also important to note that this product has been tested by doctors, giving the guarantee that it’s safe to use, even for the most sensitive eyes. The company behind this cosmetic product even states that it can be used on one’s eyebrows. In fact, a lot of celebrities have been trusting this product over the years, because it’s also considered as the best eyelash enhancer to date.


Idol Eyelash Enhancer uses a wide range of potent substances, such as minerals, vitamins, botanicals, and peptides that make this product very effective in thickening and strengthening the lashes.

For example, the potent polypeptides actually help in amplifying the length, volume, and thickness of the eyelashes, while providing protection against breakage as it naturally supports a stronger and fuller lashes.

There are also vitamins and minerals present in this eyelash enhancer. The rich minerals and panthenol present help in rejuvenating and replenishing the lashes with essential vitamins and proteins that offer shine, strength, and thicker lashes. The moisturizing and rejuvenating agents present in these lashes also help in adding flexibility and shine. Thus, it provides extreme hydration to lashes as the moisture is locked, while improving the durability and elasticity at the same time.

Other ingredients that can be found in the Idol Eyelash Enhancer are butylene glycol, glycerin, water, panthenol, hydroxyethycellulose, propylene glycol, allantoin, alfalfa, honey extract, and many more.

Rest assured that most of the potent ingredients present in this eyelash enhancer are pure and non-irritating to the eyes. These ingredients are medically proven, approved, and have undergone numerous trials, giving you the guarantee that it’s really safe for use, and you don’t have to worry about any side effects at all.

It should be applied once a day at the base of the lashes, similar to how you’d apply a liquid eyeliner. The treatment should be done for 2-4 weeks for you to enjoy promising results.

How to Use Idol Lash

The way you use this eyelash enhance is pretty simple, and similar to applying mascara. You only have to allot 5 minutes for each eye, and apply the product on the top and bottom lashes. It’s also important to ensure that your makeup has been fully removed from your face before applying it.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Idol Lash

– Clinically Tested and Has Been Proven to Work Effectively
Based on most Idol lash reviews circulating online; this eyelash enhancer is clinically tested and has been proven to work effectively when it comes to strengthening and lengthening the lashes. In fact, those who have tried the said product have experienced a remarkable difference in the length of their lashes within a short period of time.

– Experience An Increase in Density of Your Lashes
More than 82% of those who have tried the Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer have experienced an increase in the density of their lashes; as compared to other eyelash treatments, this clearly indicates that the Idol Eyelash works better.

– Free From Any Harsh Ingredients
Idol Lash Eyelash enhancer doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that are usually present in commercialized eyelash lengthening products. One of those ingredients is the prostaglandin analogues that trigger a number of side effects that are dangerous to the eyes.

– No ingredients are classified as carcinogens.
– Free from any human growth hormones and prescription ingredients.
– No skin discoloration and/or iris side effects.
– Fragrance, paraben, and cruelty-free.
– It’s made up of conditioning agents that can prevent dry and brittle lashes from falling.
– It comes with a brush similar to a mascara brush, making the application process a lot easier.
– It can restore a woman’s self confidence, and you can stop spending your time putting lengthening mascaras or implants just to have beautiful lashes.
– It doesn’t only work on lashes, but even on eyebrows as well.
– It doesn’t contain any parabens, and all of its ingredients are completely natural and safe.
– The main ingredients, panthenol, honey extract, kelp extract, and hydrolyzed keratin are all known for its positive effects when used frequently.

Cons of Idol Lash

– Unfortunately, the Idol Eyelash Enhancer is only available online, and not in physical stores.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Based on Idol lash reviews, there hasn’t been any side effects related to the use of this product. Though, it’s highly recommended to perform a skin test first before trying in order to ensure that you wouldn’t be experiencing any allergic reactions while using the product.

How Much Does Idol Lash Cost

The Idol Eyelash Enhancer comes in different packages, and you can either get a six or a single tube that’s good for a month. If you’re interested in getting a box though, it costs around $50, but if you’re going to purchase any of the packages offered at their website, it’s possible to save as much as $100.

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How Long Does It Take Before We See the Results

If you really want to enjoy the results the shortest time possible, it’s highly suggested that you apply the product every night before going to bed for 2-4 weeks.

Will It Work For Me?

Those who have tried this product can attest the fact that it does work, and they were able to enjoy the results within a month. Although it’s not universally excellent, there’s no denying that it gives the result it claims to have.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer is very promising. Not just that, the results shown by the clinical tests are quite consistent with its claims, and it offers a very wonderful result– thicker lashes in just a short period of time. In addition to that, a starter pack costs only $49.95, that means you’ll be able to enjoy thicker, and longer lashes without burning a hole in your pocket. That said, this product is highly recommended for women who want to have beautiful lashes.


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