How To Get Rid Of Lie Bumps

First, what are lie bumps anyway?

These are basically yellow or red bumps that appear on the tongue. To be more specific, this is small inflammation of the tissues on the tongue. You can’t, see and feel them because these are very small. These are also called transient lingual papillitis.

These are easy to cure and are not to worry much about. To know how to get rid of lie bumps, you need to know what causes these bumps to appear.

One reason that is often given is indigestion. This consists of digestive distress and problems related to poor digestion. However, there are no proper explanations for the cause. Hence official treatments for lie bumps are hard to come by.

Lie Bumps
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Young women and children have more chance to get lie bumps than others. You should consult your doctor if these lie bumps don’t clear up after a day or two. There are many other diseases that can cause lie bumps on your tongue. This disease can present with mild tenderness to severe pain. One common reason for this disease is food allergies. Here are some of the most effective methods to treat lie bumps.

Treating with Non-Medical Remedies

• Gargle with a warm saltwater solution:

As many of you might already know, the simple saline solution has some antibacterial properties. This can be used to get rid of tongue bumps. If you have any kind of inflammation that might come with this disease, warm salt water may come into use. It is very simple to make and also very simple to use.

Here’s how you can make this solution:

  1. Dissolve a half teaspoon of salt in a glass filled with warm water. Swirl it, and you will get a saline solution.
  2. Then you need to gargle a mouthful of salt water for approximately 30 seconds and then gently spit it out.
  3. You should follow this after every meal to get rid of any debris in your teeth or on your tongue.
  4. Keep doing this 3-4 times a day until your lie bumps disappear.
  5. There is one another saline solution that comes for contact lenses. Don’t use that one. Simply make your own, and you are good to go.

• Drink cool liquids:

Experiments show that cool or cold liquids are very good for lie bumps and can help you to get rid of lie bumps and inflammation associated with lie bumps. You should drink cool beverages as a normal part of your daily diet. Just choose drinks which are healthy you. Don’t go for soda drinks. Just pick some cold fruit juice, and you are good to go. By doing this, you will also remain hydrated.

You should drink at least 9 cups of water a day if you are a woman and 13 cups if you are a man. If you are in any kind of physical stuff or pregnant, then you should drink 16 cups of water a day.

• Suck on some ice:

It is just similar to cold water thing. If you are suffering from lie bumps and you suck some ice cube, ice chips or some ice pops, then you can get some additional relief from your tongue. It will also reduce any swelling if you have.

To understand more, you need a scientific approach. When ice melts, it absorbed heat and converted into water. This helps with your lie bumps. It keeps your tongue hydrated and provide cooling to your tongue which acts as a relief.

When at home, you can place ice chips or ice cubes directly on the swollen part of your tongue. Repeat it a number of times.

• Eat some soothing foods:

There are some fruits called juicy fruits. When you eat them, they first convert into a mixture of liquid and pulp type and then move down the neck. They provide a soothing effect and helps you to relieve any pain or discomfort due to lie bumps. There are some foods like yogurt, ice cream, milk, pudding, etc. may help you for this. Eat cooling foods so that soothing effects may be enhanced.

• Avoid food and products that increase discomfort

Try to avoid spicy or acidic foods as much as possible. These products will increase pain and swelling, and the problem will become more dangerous. Don’t even try to get Tobacco. It is the worst thing you can eat whether or not you are suffering from lie bumps or not. Stay away from this.

Stay away from food like tomatoes, orange juice, sodas, and coffee because these things will make you uncomfortable due to the presence of acids. Avoid pepper, cinnamon, mint too.

Strictly stay away from cigarettes and tobacco. These things will exacerbate your comfort and are also not good for health.

You can also notice by yourself which food is giving you discomfort. Your tongue can be allergic to any particular food that doesn’t come under conventional lie bumps causing foods. Simple omit that food from your diet.

• Maintain Oral Health

You should always keep your mouth clean. You should brush daily and also after every meal. You should also go for regular dental check-ups so that your teeth, tongue, and gums can be healthy. If you have a clean mouth, there is a less possibility to have tongue bumps.

If you don’t brush on regular intervals or after meals, then debris stuck in your teeth promote an environment that is a rife infection. Chewing gum will do the same thing. Also, you should at least visit your dentist twice in a year.

Use of Over the Counter Treatments

• Use sprays (throat lozenges):

These contain local pain relievers that help in relieving pain associated with tongue bumps. You can purchase these at many pharmacies. Its use is very simple. Just keep it in your mouth until it gets completely dissolved. Don’t swallow or chew it because it will make swallowing difficult.

You can use it at a regular interval of two to three hours. You can also ask your doctor for its use.

• Rinse with an antiseptic or anesthetic mouthwash:

You can also go for anesthetic or antiseptic mouthwash to gargle. These relieve pain and swelling as these contains benzydamine or chlorhexidine. This treats infections and thus lie bumps. Benzydamine basically relieves pain whereas Chlorhexidine kills bacteria. Simply Gargle them for around 15 to 20 seconds.

Visiting your Doctor and taking prescription medications.

• Consult your Doctor:

If you are not able to get rid of lie bumps by above methods, then you should visit a doctor. This way, you will get appropriate treatment in less time. Fungal, viral or bacterial infections are the main causes of Tongue Bumps. This problem usually exists for a day, and if it continues for like two days, then it’s time to visit a doctor.

One more reason for visiting a doctor is spreading or growing of tongue bumps. Tongue bumps may affect your various daily activities like eating. So it is better to visit a doctor.

• Get tests and a diagnosis:

By going to some tests or diagnosis methods, your doctor can become specific for the reason of the problem. Sometimes it is not possible to effectively locate the cause, but a specific and effective treatment plan can be developed by doing this. Tests generally include oral cultures or allergy tests.

• Medications for treating bumps:

Lie bumps are not serious problems to work upon. You can get medication from your doctor, but these generally include some antibiotics or antiseptics. These are basically to help alleviate discomfort associated with bumps. This kind of problems usually resolves on their own. However, there are some other possibilities also.

You may have a more serious problem called glossodynia if your tongue is causing you discomfort. Your doctor may prescribe medications like amitriptyline and amisulpride.

Your doctor may also recommend you over the counter pain reliever, but there is only some number of evidence that these work on tongue bumps. Some examples are acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirin.


Though it is not a serious problem, it is very common, especially in young children and women. There are not fixed causes for this problem, but many of them are confined to improper indigestion. This is the main reason for this problem. Home treatment methods are the most common ways to cure this problem. Most common and effective way to cure is through cold compresses. You can simply apply ice over the area, or you can go for cold food for soothing.

Cold things numb the area for a while, and when sensation comes, you can apply it again. Gargle with saline water as mentioned above. Gargling with salt water reduces chances of infection. You should also drink warm milk after dinner as it helps in proper digestion. You should opt a proper and healthy diet. Include some fruits and vegetables also in your diet.

Avoid hot beverages and also soda ones. Simply drink lots of cold drinks. It is the best measure to prevent lie bumps. Lie bumps feel like burning, and cold drinks help to soothe the burning, itching, and pain.


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