How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Toenail Fungus Treatment


Toes or fingers are something which can accumulate a large amount of moisture and dirt if keep unchecked and most people don’t pay attention to the areas under the nails which often results in the development of fungus. Though earlier it doesn’t affect much as it increases it can often turn into bad odor, yellow toenails, change in shape and in extreme conditions inability to use your feets even. We will talk about tea tree oil for toenail fungus in this article. 

Tea tree oil for toenail fungus
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             Getting a fungal infection is very easy as it can transfer from touch as well as sharing of towels etc or even footwear. Most people treat it as dirt when they discover it and don’t give it proper treatment which results in further increase in it. Identifying the infection is easy as it starts as white, yellow or black spots beneath the toenails and sometimes mild discoloration.

You can either take medicines or use some lotion to treat it, while medicines might have some effect on your immunity system but using natural products like tea tree oil does no harm and is recommended best.

Not just for treating skin fungus tea tree oil has been used for centuries for its antiseptic properties as well as its antibiotic properties heal other skin conditions including rashes and burns.  These days skin treatments are very costly and prolonged as well, while on the other hand tea tree oil is convenient and affordable to use.

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Choosing the right Tea tree oil

When it comes to choosing the right tea tree oil for you, it is not so simple as to buying the oil for your hairs, there are a few factors that you gotta look for when you are buying tea tree oil for all purposes. Organic 100% natural oils are the best option. Besides that you have to look for some other factors as well :

  • Terpinen 4OL is an antiseptic agent found in tea tree oil, for the oil to be effective, it must consider a high percentage of this.
  • Terpinen 40L can oxidize due to light rendering it useless, thus you must choose a dark-tinted bottle which properly blocks the light from getting in a bottle.
  • Often product contains other essential oils as well which often help with infections too, but the main ingredient should always be tea tree oil. If the product doesn’t contain a high percentage of Melaleuca oil, then discard it.

We have reviewed some of the most popular and renowned tea tree oil products so that you can pick the one that’s best suited for you.

First Botany Australian Tea Tree Oil

This brand of oil counts as in one of the least processed ones out there, it is steam-distilled keeping the natural healing properties intact without adding any chemical preservatives thus making it 100% pure. On top of that this oil can be used for other things like blemishes, acne too.

Radha Tea Tree Oil

This is one of the other brands that keeps it completely natural and uses steam distillation. It’s suggested to be first mixed with other oils. It needs dilution for sensitive skin but acts as a great catalyst for trying other oils, per se, it’s not marketed as a fungal remedy rather a cure for acne. Nonetheless, it works the same.

Majestic Pure Tea Tree Oil

This is another one of the purely natural and steam distilled products available in the market. This though comes with a dropper which makes it convenient to be used and applied. This is the third product that we have reviewed which is almost the same but considering the importance of all natural organic products, it’s well placed.

aVo Tea Tree Oil

It’s an Australian product with the oil coming from the leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia tree which is a native tree of Australia. It is also a therapeutic grade oil which is also steam distilled to keep the natural properties intact.

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil

This is the only product on our list that is not steam distilled. This brand takes a different approach when it comes to processing tea tree leaves. Instead, they use cold pressing to turn tea leaves into a serum which they promote as a beauty anti-aging product. Cold pressing also makes sure that none of the natural properties are lost. They are one of the very few in the market to have their own unique cold pressing method.

Preparation of your nails before using oil

Before you proceed to use the tea tree oil that you have chosen to cure your toenail fungus, you must first prepare your nails, cleanse them and clip them for a better treatment. It will allow oil to work faster and more efficiently showing you better results.

Tea tree oil for toenail fungus
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  • Clip your toenails well ahead before applying the oil, nails often become dead and thick due to fungus. Getting rid of such will only allow oil to get underneath them and reach fungus easier and in an efficient way.
  • After clipping your nails properly, use a coarse nail file to file them down. This will remove any last bits of dead nail away and will also help expose more of your dead skins to the oil.
  • After you are done clipping and filing them use a soap to cleanse your nails which will get rid of all dust particles as well as germs and bacteria lying underneath. You must dry them well afterward to avoid giving fungus a moist area to grow in. Keeping them as dry as possible all the time is a key factor in fungus treatment.

Application of Tea Tree oil to your Toe-nails

Based on the brand of tea tree oil that you have chosen to go on with, you will be given instructions alongside on how to properly use the tea tree oil, however, due to its wide usages, the company may not have went into specific details on how to use the oil for treating each ailment. The very first step to using any oil is to determine whether or not that oil is suitable for your skin or not. To do that you have to do a patch test to check the sensitivity of your skin alongside that particular oil. If you experience some sort of irritation or nothing and just want to be safe then it’s best to dilute the oil with a carrier oil and prepare a solution for use.

Tea tree oil for toenail fungus
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Olive oil and jojoba oil are best neutral carriers and they also help add natural moisture to your nails and surrounding skin as well. Try to use as little of carrier oil as possible as they tend to reduce the effect of tea tree oil and slow the treatment. Once you have determined the right amount of potent solution for your nails treatment, you can proceed using the below steps :

Tea tree oil for toenail fungus
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  • A few oils already come with a dropper which makes it easy for them to place a few drops carefully over the solution. Another way is to use a cotton ball which will give even more coverage over the affected area.
  • Follow up with a small brush, scrub well with it to ensure penetration of oil within the skin.
  • After a thorough application of tea tree oil, you can either let it dry off at its own completely or you can soak your feet in a solution of warm water and tea tree oil which will help speed up the process altogether.

Repeat the entire process two times a day and cleaning of nails whenever required preferably once or twice a week.

Prevention of Further Toenail fungus

Treatment works only for the long term if you continue taking care of your nails with proper hygiene and regular cleaning. A few tips to prevent fungus from coming back :

  • Keep your nails regularly clipped, filled and cleaned. It will prevent any accumulation of dirt and moisture underneath your nails.
  • Soak your feet in tea tree oil solution before going to bed. Preferably a warm solution of water and tea tree oil.
  • Make a habit of wearing antifungal socks and don’t wear tight shoes. More your feet sweat, more they will be prone to catching an infection.
  • Keep your feet covered in public places as much as possible, you never know what bacteria can lay eggs on your feet.
  • Remember to use antifungal powders if you wear shoes for long duration or after the post-workout shower.

Side effects of Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil products claim it to be 100% natural yet sometimes even natural substances can cause allergies and irritation to the skin. Often when mixed or diluted with a carrier oil, it can increase irritation on skin and even cause other harmful issues. Mostly skin irritation is caused by tea tree oil else it’s perfectly safe to use.

  • Tea tree oil should not even accidentally be swallowed or ingested.
  • Small children should be kept away from it unless prescribed by a doctor.
  • It’s never been to use in your eyes or ears or elsewhere.
  • The bottle must be capped properly and kept away from sunlight, if not then it could go rancid.
  • It shouldn’t be used on pregnant and/or nursing women before consultation with the doctor.


Toenail fungus is an issue which is best treated as soon as it starts to develop. Depending on the severity of infection and the treatment being given, it can even often take several months for an antifungal infection treatment to work even with the most potent solution available. Even after the infection has completely subsided, you should continue the treatment for several more weeks for complete eradication of toenail fungus.

With so many antifungal treatments available in the market, it’s hard to determine which one is the best amongst them. Tea tree oil is a natural and much-proven method for treating toenail fungus is preferred mostly. Even the other products sold for fungal treatments use it as their primary ingredient only. You can even use it for other skin issues such as acne, skin rashes or cold sores

Due to the wide area applications and easy availability usage of tea tree oil, it’s very much preferred for treating all kind of skin ailments.



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