Top Natural Remedies For Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus, scientifically referred to as Onychomycosis, is a toenail infection commonly characterized by swelling of the toe, inflammation, crumbling of the nail, pain, and yellowing of the nail. Toenail fungus is often experienced as a result of continuous exposure to moisture, abnormal pH of the skin, wearing socks manufactured from a synthetic material, Poor foot hygiene, a weak immune system, or a compromised immune system. Though modern medicine can be used as a remedy to toenail fungus, they always lead to adverse side effects, unlike natural remedies that often have no side effects. Natural remedies do the same job by utilizing natural oils or fruit juices which have no side effects at all. Therefore, this write-up is aimed at giving you the top four natural remedies for toenail fungus.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is slightly acidic and plays a vital role in preventing toenail fungus from spreading by killing both fungi and bacteria. It is advisable to mix equal proportion of water and cider vinegar and then soak your toenail in the resulting solution for at least thirty minutes per day. When you follow the same procedure for a few weeks, you will notice a significant improvement very quickly. Furthermore, you can choose to make an anti-fungal exfoliating brush by mixing some ground rice flour with a few spoons of apple cider vinegar. Apply the resulting paste on the affected nail and scrub the area gently. Repeat the procedure at least three times per week.

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Baking soda

Needless to say, fungus requires an acidic environment to grow. Hence, alkaline baking soda will prevent the toenail fungus from flourishing by creating an unconducive environment for it. Furthermore, to cure toenail fungus fast, it is advisable to mix it with Sodium borate which is a potent naturally occurring fungicide. Therefore, you can equal portions of baking soda and Sodium borate powder with just enough water so that it forms a paste. Gently rub the paste on the infected nails. Repeat the same procedure at least twice per day and continue for at least three weeks and the fungus will be completely cleared.

Olive Leaf Extract

One of the best natural remedies for toenail fungus is olive leaf extract. It is antiviral, antibacterial, and plays a significant role in lowering body cholesterol. Hence, when using this supplement, you will not only be curing the toenail fungus. Furthermore, it is a powerful detoxifier, and you are bound to experience some discomfort when using for the first time. Therefore, it is advisable to consider lowering the daily dose until your body sheds all stored up toxins.

Orange Oil

Orange oil is a natural anti-fungal that can be applied on the infected nails on a daily basis and be sure it will cure the infection. It is advisable to use a dropper to apply the orange oil on the infected nails and between your toes. Allow the oil to soak for up to one hour. However, if your skin is too sensitive, orange oil could prove too strong. Hence, if you experience such a condition, it is advisable to mix equal proportions of the orange oil with a natural carrier such as olive oil.

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Zetaclear Topical Treatment

My final solution to the toenail fungus is a topical toenail fungus treatment called ZetaClear. This is a highly popular and effective method of getting rid of toenail fungus. I have written a complete review of this product here. You can read the full review or purchase this product directly by clicking here (aff. link).

Final Thoughts

These are some of my recommendations for getting rid of toenail fungus by yourself. If you want to share your experience about getting rid of toenail fungus then you can put leave your comment below this blog post. Also tell me whether or not you liked this post or if something is missing that should be added to this post.



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