The Top Weight Loss Mistakes

The key to weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume. If you aren’t burning enough of them, then the digits on the scale aren’t going to turn around for the better.
Out there, there are all sorts of diets and fixes for weight loss. The best way is through exercising and eating a balanced diet. You needn’t deprive yourself of your favorite food if you consume reasonably. If you still seem to struggle, then here are the top weight loss mistakes you might be committing.

Weight loss mistakes
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Top Weight Loss Mistakes

1. Starvation: Some of you folk starve yourselves in order to lose weight. Fasting or eating once a day doesn’t exactly work. If anything, your body is being deprived of essential nutrients it requires and therefore slows down the rate of metabolism.
In fact, when you begin to eat again after a brief period of starvation, you notice you’re instead getting fatter. This is because the first pounds you lose during starvation are muscle and water. You might be surprised, but some people need to eat more to lose weight.
2. The absence of Calorie Deficit – Most people who start working out will make a calorie deficit by simply exercising. This means that they haven’t updated their diet. So basically, once your bodies get used to the additional activities, you stop losing weight. This leads to a situation called the fat plateau. How does one get around it?
You can reduce the amount of calorie in-take. First off, figure out some calories you are already consuming and then ensure you will have at least a 10% calorie deficit.
3. Overly Attached To Cardio – Have you ever come across the term “Cardio Queen” or “Cardio King”? These are the kind of people you will usually find hogging on treadmills and stationary bikes, but you will never spot them in the free weights section. Most of those are probably skinny and look no different to what they did last year.
Many people tend to think it’s easier to lose weight by just working it off in the cardio – which is a myth. When you run at a lower intensity for long periods, you don’t burn enough calories.
4. Repeating The Same Thing – This is something a lot of us do. We do the same exercises and eat the same diet over and over again, and then we think we are going to lose weight. When your body gets used to intense activities, your body adjusts to the efficiency, and you would have to trick your body to achieve your desired results.
Einstein said it right, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

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5. Quick Fixes – Some supplements and pills might promise you instant weight loss, but do not fall into this trap. There are many studies and researches that have already proved this to do more harm to your body than good.
So here they are. Above are top weight loss mistakes that come in the way of staying fit. Make sure you avoid them all


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